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Software has applications which can calculate pleats easily and quickly for curtain making studios.

Pleat calculation:
Use as a standard pleat calculator program.
But also to be used when two different curtains should have the same pleats.
The application tracks the amount of pleats per lane or strip calculated in a way that the seam does not come in the pleat, but in the gap between the pleats.

Seam calculation:
To use to calculate so that the seam is in the neck of the pleat.
All seams are thus out of sight. With this application the curtainstudio has a great added value to match an exclusive look of the curtain

Mitre pleats:
Calculate the pleats, the quantity of material and the mold to
make the pleats vertically in a sloping curtain.
This application has an extra value in addition to associated
training for sloping pleated curtains.

Calculate the dimensions of the mold for one or more drapery arches, simply by typing the width, height and number of arcs in it.


 Mitre pleats, that is easy!

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